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Training is available for users wishing to operate all the instrumentation in the facility except the FACSAria sorter. All sorting and data acquisition on FACSAria is by facility staff only.

All new users are required to schedule a consultation with the facility’s director. This can be done either via email (flowcore@hsc.wvu.edu) or by stopping by the core facility (HSC North Room 2160). All consultations are free. However, the WVU Flow Cytometry & Single Cell Core Facility is a fee for service facility, so it is important that the new user have a current funding string to charge their usage of the facility. The funding string number should be brought to the consultation in order for training to be scheduled.

Due to the complexity of the instrumentation and software in the facility, the staff provide full assistance during operation including data acquisition and analysis for the first two appointments. Subsequent assistance is provided on a “needs” basis until user is comfortable operating the instrument. Complete independent operation of the flow cytometers usually occurs within 4-5 appointments. Independent usage of the AutoMACS™, MSD Sector Imager 2400, gentleMACS™ Otto Dissociator, NanoSight NS300 and Zetasizer Nano Z usually occurs after the first appointment. 

What to bring to the initial consultation:

1. Funding string number for billing purposes.

2. Basic design of the experiment(s) you are thinking of doing in the facility.

3. If planning on using the flow cytometers, any information (technical data sheets if available) on antibodies/dyes that you have purchased or are thinking of purchasing for the proposed experiment(s).